How do I start the process of applying for a residential building permit?
Research first! Obtain information about a particular piece of property and any special requirements by providing a tax parcel (geographic ID) number to the Planners at our front counter or by reviewing the information from our website and Whatcom County Code requirements. The best place to start is with our Natural Resource Division who will help you work through the Natural Resource Assessment process. Please contact us if you have any questions. Whatcom County Code

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1. How do I start the process of applying for a residential building permit?
2. Is there a minimum size requirement for a single family residence (SFR)?
3. Where do I apply for an electrical permit?
4. How do I apply for a mechanical permit?
5. Is a permit required for tearing down a structure on my property?
6. Whom do I contact about asbestos removal?
7. How do I find out if an existing structure has a building permit?
8. If I buy a piece of property and find out that the previous owner did work without permits, what do I do?
9. How do I apply for a residential building permit?
10. When applying for a permit to build a single family residence (SFR), is there a minimum square foot size requirement for the SFR?
11. How long is a residential building permit good for?
12. How do I determine the residential building permit fees?
13. Are inspections required after permits have been obtained for residential projects?
14. How and when do I call for a building inspection?
15. What types of building inspections do I need to request?
16. Do I have to be present when the inspector arrives?
17. Who do I contact if I have questions about building codes?
18. When can I "occupy" or use my house / structure?
19. What projects are exempt from the permitting / review process?
20. Do I need a permit to build a storage shed or deck?
21. How do I verify if a contractor is licensed?
22. Where can I learn more information on Green Building?