How do I get my permit / sticker?

You can purchase your permit online (starting on April 1, 2014) and print out the receipt to have with you for your inspection. Discounts are not accepted online. If you take the online course, you must purchase your permit in person. You can also purchase a permit in person, and get your boat inspected, at the Bloedel Donovan Park Boat Launch, 7 days a week, from dawn to dusk (starting on April 26, 2014).

You can pay by credit card, no cash is accepted. Permits will also be available for purchase at the WDFW launches at Lake Samish and South Bay (when inspection stations are open).

Online Payments

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1. What are aquatic invasive species (AIS)?
2. Which boats are needing permits?
3. What are the permit fees?
4. How do I get my permit / sticker?
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6. How can I make my inspection a more quick and simple process?
7. Where can I get my boat inspected?
8. What number can I call to arrange for a boat inspection?
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