Permit Processing Performance Reports

Whatcom County is using a legacy Tidemark software permitting solution to manage its electronic permit tracking needs that was last updated in 2006. Tidemark is effectively at the end of its lifecycle and has limited user interface connectivity and ability to manage and report on current permit processing performance. For example, it lacks an on-line public viewing portal and it cannot provide the level of detail now needed to meet all the permit review performance reporting requirements of RCW 36.70B.080(2)(b). Therefore, Whatcom County has invested $2.6 million in a new permit software tracking solution—Tyler EnerGov—and the required hardware to implement the system. The Whatcom County Planning & Development Services, Health & Public Works Departments’ are all actively working together with the vendor to implement this new system with an expected “go live” date of Fall 2020.

Whatcom County has identified a number of new opportunities to improve its business processes through the use of our up to date web-enabled GIS-centric permit software solution—Tyler EnerGov. The new permitting solution will support new business processes, such as electronic workflow, online payments and mobile field inspections. The new system when implemented will provide transparency of information for the public through an online permit portal as well as the ability to provide more detailed annual performance reports and metrics on achieved permit processing timelines.

The following permit activity reports are generated on a monthly and annual basis, as applicable, given the capabilities of the current Tidemark reporting protocols.

Available Report Categories