Flood Preparedness & Initial Response

Coordination & Preparation

  • Required to develop a response strategy during flood events
  • River and Flood Division works with the County's Division of Emergency Management (DEM)
  • Coordinated response during flood events ensures public safety and minimizes flood damages.
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Preventing & Reducing Flooding

Evaluating Flooding Conditions

  • The Nooksack River basin is divided into sectors with assigned observers, the "eyes in the field." 
  • Observers travel throughout assigned sectors, reporting actual conditions in the field in order to coordinate effective flood responses.
  • River & Flood staff work with DEM and Maintenance and Operations staff to prioritize problem areas and evaluate possible actions to minimize actions.
  • Appropriate measures are taken to ensure public safety and minimize the loss of public and private property.
  • People and equipment may be mobilized to fight the flood.
  • The county trains volunteers to assist with sandbagging operations.

Agencies Involved in Emergency Response

  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • British Columbia Ministry of Environment
  • Fire departments within cities impacted by flooding
  • Fire departments within unincorporated Whatcom County impacted by flooding
  • Local media
  • National Weather Service
  • Police departments within cities impacted by flooding
  • Red Cross
  • Washington Department of Transportation
  • Whatcom County Maintenance and Operations Division
  • Whatcom County Sheriff's Office