River & Flood

Want to know more about who does what when it comes to Nooksack River floodplain management? Visit our Floodplain Management page.

Whatcom County's River and Flood Division provides flood response and floodplain management services including:

  • Comprehensive flood management planning and river-related studies
  • Flood hazard reduction through capital projects and acquisition of flood-prone areas
  • Repair and maintenance of levees and other flood protection structures
  • Emergency flood response including early warning and coordination with other agencies
  • Technical assistance and site visits to assist landowners affected by flooding and bank erosion
  • Floodplain permitting and administration of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Education and outreach to affected property owners, lenders, insurers, and realtors on flood risks and flood preparedness
  • Administrative support for the Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District and assistance to subzones and special districts