Fleet Management

Fleet Maintenance
Equipment Rental & Revolving Fund
Whatcom County Public Works' Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund (ER&R) is responsible for the fleet management of vehicles used by Whatcom County departments.
Repair & Service 
    Maintenance Crews:  
  • Safely and quickly repair and service priority vehicles, providing for continued operation of other Public Works divisions and Whatcom County departments.
  • Set priorities for safety, crew and public impact, and cost impact.
  • Plan service projects around the road crew schedule.
  • Provide service for the Whatcom County Ferry "Whatcom Chief" by coordinating and assisting with dry dock facilitation.
Fuel & Maintenance  
  • The fleet of 500 vehicle fleet can use up to $1,100,000 worth of fuel a year.
  • The maintenance shop completes 400 brake jobs and services 1,500 vehicles a year.
  • The Central Stores section of Equipment Services, keeps the maintenance crew up and running.
Vehicle Technology  
  • Annual training required for the maintenance staff to keep up with advances in technology.
  • The acquisition of high-mileage gas/electric hybrid vehicles reinforces the need for current, up to date training.
Replacement of the Fleet 
  • A key component is the reasonable replacement of the fleet as it ages.
  • Annual vehicle acquisition totals approximately $2 to 3 million.
  • The rental rate paid by each department and division to the ER&R fund for each vehicle allows for the replacement of vehicles as they age.
  • The type of vehicle ranges from the newer gas/electric hybrid cars, lawn mowers, snowplows, and street sweepers to Sheriff's cruisers.