N. Fork Rd. / Kenney Creek Fish Passage

N. Fork Rd. / Kenney Creek Fish Passage

N.Fork-Kenney Crk

Project Summary

This project is located at Kenney Creek on North Fork Road and will replace a 4-ft diameter culvert that crosses under North Fork Road with a 115-ft long concrete girder bridge. This project will restore fish passage to over 1.5 miles of fish habitat historically used by several species of salmon. Construction should begin in July 2023 and will include construction of a temporary work bridge on the east side of North Fork Road to allow for the installation of the new bridge. 

Project Permits

Corps Nationwide Permit, DOE 401 Water Quality, Shoreline, HPA, NPDES Construction Permit

Project Status

The project design is currently at the 100% design stage. Whatcom County has been awarded approximately $3.5 million in State RCO fund for this project that are in the process of being obligated.  

The construction phase funding is secured with environmental permitting and real estate work nearing completion. Due to long lead order times for obtaining the concrete bridge girders, the project will be advertised for competitive bids in early fall 2022 once all environmental permits and real estate work is completed.

Project Plans

Kenney Creek 100% Final Plans

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