Notice of Proposed Changes to Local Court Rules

Proposed Changes - Letter from Judge David Grant

In the following information you'll find a copy of proposed new and amended local court rules for the Whatcom County District Court. The court previously adopted several changes to its local court rules to accommodate remote appearances and hearings for certain criminal and traffic infraction matters, for example, video conference proceedings in accordance to CrRU 3.4, see local rule WDCrR 6. The proposed rule changes provide a similar process for civil matters. The proposals also alter the defined time span between omnibus hearings and criminal trials, as well as relabeling certain rules to more closely parallel the numbering of related state rules. 

Pursuant to GR 7, the District Court will be accepting written comments on the proposals until May 20, 2021. Please send comments to the court via email to or via regular mail to the court at 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 401, Bellingham, WA 98225. If you are sending an email, please refer to "Proposed Local Rules" in the subject line of your message. 


David M. Grant
Presiding Judge