Commitment to Institution

Youth may be committed to the State of Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families Juvenile Rehabilitation Institution system if there standard range commitments calls for the commitment. In addition, If the court determines that a disposition under option A, B, or C would effectuate a manifest injustice, the court shall impose a disposition outside the standard range under RCW 13.40.160(2) and place a youth in the institution.

Sentencing Standards

Whatcom County follows RCW 13.40.0357 when it comes to juvenile offender sentencing standards.

Juvenile Institutions

Green Hill School

Green Hill School in Chehalis is a medium / maximum security fenced facility that provides older, male offenders academic education and vocational training. Vocational programs include computer technology, light machine fabrication, vehicle maintenance, landscaping, and welding and the Juvenile Vocational Industries Program (JVIP).

This innovative and exciting program is designed to teach organizational learning skills in a real world educational / work setting to incarcerated youth. Green Hill School also provides specialized chemical dependency and sex offender treatment and services for youth with mental health issues.

Echo Glen Children's Center

Echo Glen Children's Center in Snoqualmie is a medium / maximum facility that serves younger males and the majority of female offenders committed to JR. Echo Glen is not fenced, but bordered by natural wetlands. It provides an academic program with emphasis on special needs such as mental health and sex offender treatment. It has programs designed specifically for the young women placed at the facility.

Echo Glen Children's Center is home to JR's longest running in-patient chemical dependency treatment program and was the pilot site for research based interventions used in the Integrated Treatment Model.

Naselle Youth Camp

Naselle Youth Camp serves is an unfenced facility that serves male and female offenders in a medium security setting in Southwest Washington. It provides an academic program as well as a forestry work program in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and an aquaculture program in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Youth involved in the forestry programs assist with fighting fires during the height of the firefighting season.

Naselle Youth Camp provides sex offender and outpatient chemical dependency treatment and collaborates with the University of Washington to meet the mental health needs of resident youth.