COVID-19 Testing

Even if you are fully vaccinated, take a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms or a known exposure. As with vaccines available for other diseases, the COVID-19 vaccine does not have a 100% protection rate meaning fully vaccinated people can still get COVID-19.

Reminder: Do not go to the Emergency Room (ER) to receive a COVID-19 test or for mild symptoms. Whatcom County has one hospital, and its Emergency Department needs to keep its focus on serving those with urgent or life-threatening injuries/illnesses that require critical care. Speak with your doctor regarding COVID-19 testing or mild symptoms. You can find testing locations on this page.

Symptomatic or Close Contact Testing

Test as soon as possible if you are having COVID-19 symptoms or may be a close contact of someone who is sick. You can make an appointment at any testing site in Whatcom County.

If you are unable to schedule a PCR test (lab test) or do not have a rapid, at-home test, please follow current isolation/quarantine guidance.

Travel Testing

If you need to make an appointment for a travel-related test in Whatcom County, you can make an appointment at a testing location that offers travel testing. 

  • If you are a Canadian resident traveling to the U.S. and need a test to re-enter Canada, please get tested at your primary U.S. destination rather than waiting until you get to the border. This will help ease the burden on Whatcom County testing sites. 

Check your travel destination for what you need to know about testing. Some locations have specific requirements about where and when you get tested. Travel requirements for Canada are here

Most insurance plans will not cover testing for the purposes of travel. Prior to travel testing, check with your insurance to find out if they will cover the cost of the test. 


How to Get Tested

If you have health insurance and a healthcare provider: Your healthcare provider can give you a testing referral.

If you have insurance but do not have a regular healthcare provider: Work with your insurance company to find a healthcare provider that accepts your insurance. If you need a test prior to establishing a provider, there are testing locations within Whatcom County where you can schedule an appointment, or walk-in if they accept walk-in appointments.

If you do not have insurance or a regular healthcare provider: All uninsured Washington residents can see if they qualify for special enrollment in the Washington Health Benefits Exchange, or Apple Health. You can visit the Health Benefits Exchange website or call 1-855-923-4633 (TTY: 1-855-627-9604) for more information. 

The process to get health insurance takes time and the testing window might pass before the process is complete. If you have a pending insurance application, you may need to pay for testing. Testing locations might list pricing online or you may call the facility and ask about testing. 

Testing Cost

Most health insurance will cover COVID-19 testing that is not travel-related. Health plans regulated by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner must cover testing and related visits. You can check with your health insurance plan to see about out-of-pocket payments associated with COVID-19. 

Some testing locations might not accept insurance and require self-pay. Check with your health insurance provider to see what you need to do to get coverage for a service paid out of pocket. 

If you are uninsured, you will need to pay for the test. Please call your COVID-19 testing location to get pricing information. Some locations might post their pricing online.

Whatcom County Testing Locations

Many health care providers in Whatcom County offer testing, including rapid antigen tests suitable for crossing the Canadian border. The table below list health care providers who currently test for COVID-19 and who have agreed to be on our list. This information is subject to change and may not be a complete list.

If you are a health care provider or provide laboratory services and would like your organization added to this website, please contact us at

Clinic/FacilityWho Can Get Tested Here?Do I need an Appointment?Phone & WebsiteAdditional Information
Any Lab Test Now 

(1225 E. Sunset Dr, suite 155, Bellingham)
Anyone (insurance not accepted, self pay only)Walk-ins welcome 
(Monday - Friday 9.a.m - 5 p.m.)

Appointments can be scheduled.
360-684-1800Performs PCR tests suitable for travel. 
ARCpoint Labs

(4220 Meridian St, Suite 101A, Bellingham)
Anyone (Medicare/Medicaid not accepted).Call-in or online registration is preferred.360-922-0275
Performs PCR tests suitable for travel. 

PCR same day (depending on inventory), 2 hour (depending on inventory), or 24-36 hour result options.

Performs rapid antigen tests suitable for travel. Results accepted for Canadian travel.

Pay upfront testing. (Pricing varies based on timing required).
Care Medical GroupAnyone (insurances accepted)No, walk-ins only. Drive up testing available (call for more information). 360-734-4300 ext. 6
COVID-19 testing has parking lot registration with testing performed in a designated area with no exposure to non-COVID-19 patients. 
Family Care Network

(Bellingham, Lynden Locations)
Established FNC patients should call their provider.

Non-FCN patients can access urgent care on-demand telemedicine visits.
Bellingham urgent care

Lynden Urgent Care 

Main Website
Call ahead to describe symptoms or use FCN's on-demand
telemedicine service

If FCN orders a COVID-19 test, you may be referred to the NW Labs Drive-through for testing.
Ferndale Pharmacy

(2057 Alder St, Ferndale)
Anyone (insurance not accepted, self pay testing). 
Yes, schedule online only.360-325-4310
Performs PCR testing. Results ready in 45 minutes.

Performs Rapid antigen testing suitable for travel.. Results accepted for Canadian travel. 
Hoagland Pharmacy

(2330 Yew St, Bellingham)
Anyone (insurance not accepted, self pay testing).Yes, schedule online only.WebsitePerforms PCR Testing.
Lummi Tribal Health CenterNative Americans residing in Whatcom CountyYes. Same day appointment available.360-383-8251

MD Spa & Wellness

(907 Harris Ave Suite #301, Bellingham)
Anyone (no insurance accepted, self pay testing).Yes, schedule by phone only.360-474-3535
Performs rapid antigen testing suitable for travel. Results accepted for Canadian travel.
Nooksack Health CenterNooksack Indian Tribe and eligible members of federally recognized Tribes.Yes, same day appointments available.360-966-2106
Providers may order test as part of a patient's regular clinic visit.
Nooksack Valley Drug

(208 E. Main St, Everson)
Anyone (no insurance accepted, self pay testing).Yes, schedule online only.

Antigen scheduling

PCR scheduling
Performs rapid PCR tests. 

Performs rapid antigen tests suitable for travel. Results accepted for Canadian travel. Costs: see website for cost and eligibility information.

Free tests are available for people with symptoms, exposure or required testing for medical procedures.
Avero Diagnostics
(Previously Northwest Laboratory/NW Labs)
Anyone with a referral for COVID-19 testing from their healthcare provider.Yes, can schedule online or by phone.360-527-4592
Testing can be scheduled by phone Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Canadian Testing FAQ
Rite Aid
Ages 4+Yes, online scheduling only.Website
COVID-19 testing is only offered at drive-through locations: Blaine, Lynden, Ferndale and Bellingham (Telegraph and Northwest locations only). 
RX Mart Pharmacy  

(300 East Sunset Dr, Bellingham)

Anyone (no insurance accepted, self pay testing only)
Yes, Online scheduling preferred.
Performs PCR testing. Result ready in 45 to 60 minutes.

Performs rapid antigen testing suitable for travel. Results accepted for Canadian travel. 
Sea Mar Community Health Center

(Bellingham and Everson locations)
Established Sea Mar patientsYes. Established Sea Mar patients should call their provider to schedule an appointment.Bellingham 

360-354-0766 Website

Sumas Drug

(1143 Cherry St, Sumas)
Anyone (no insurance accepted, self pay testing)Yes, online scheduling only (Contact pharmacy if scheduling assistance required).360-988-2681
Performs PCR testing. Receipt provided for submitting to insurance for billing. 

Performs curbside rapid antigen testing suitable for travel. Results accepted for Canadian travel. 
Unity Care NW

(Bellingham and Ferndale locations)
Unity Care patients.Yes, same day appointments available. Call to schedule an appointment.360-676-6177

Toll Free
Providers may refer patients to NW Labs drive-through for testing or recommend

Travel testing not available.

(Bellingham (Meridian, Samish and Sunset) and Ferndale locations)
Ages 3+
Yes, online registration (preferred).
Performs PCR tests. 

Performs rapid tests. 

See website for testing details. 

All locations offer drive-through testing.
WWU Student Health CenterWWU Students.Maybe. WWU students experiencing symptoms or have a known exposure should call the Student Health Center during business hours and ask to speak with a nurse. Students can also send a secure message via MyWesternHealth.360-650-3400
May refer patients to NW Labs drive-through for testing. 

Accessing Test Directly Test Results

Results from our testing site are usually available within 48-72 hours.

If you have provided an email address, you will receive an email from Test Directly informing you as soon as your results are ready from Avero Diagnostics. The email will explain how to get your results. 

If you have provided a cell phone number, you will receive a text message informing you as soon as your results are ready from Avero Diagnostics. The text message will explain how to access your results.

If you do not provide contact information when registering, you can check your results at Insert your unique order ID, access key, and date of birth to download the report.

Rapid At-home Testing Kits

Many people with symptoms of COVID-19 are using at-home tests that are available over the counter. Most at-home tests are antigen tests, which are inexpensive and produce results within minutes. There are multiple ways to access at-home tests.

Rapid at-home antigen tests may not detect very small amounts of virus in a sample. They provide the best results when the tester has symptoms or about five days after an exposure to COVID-19. If you choose to use an at-home COVID-19 test, make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the test kit.  

All at-home test kits include detailed instructions and may have a website or phone app to guide you through the process. Read the instructions fully and consider using any supplement materials provided. 

Learn more about self-testing at home guidance.

Accessing At-home Test Kits

There are multiple ways to access at-home COVID-19 tests. 

Washington state residents can order up to two sets of five free at-home tests per month. Tests are completely free. Orders will usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. The free test kits are available for a limited time, while supplies last. Order here: or call 1-800-525-0127.

Whatcom County Library System: Free at-home tests are available at all Whatcom County Library Systems locations while supplies last. Call your local WCLS library to see if they have any tests before driving there to save on gas! Go to to find a list of location phone numbers.

East Whatcom Regional Resource Center: Free at-home tests are available at the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center while supplies last. Call to see if they have any tests before your trip to save on gas and time at 360-599-3944.

COVID-19 Pop-up Vaccine Clinics: Whatcom County Health Department pop-up vaccine clinics have a limited supply of free at-home tests to give away. Get details on upcoming pop-up clinics at our COVID-19 Vaccine page.

Buying a test from a pharmacy? If you have health insurance, most insurers will now reimburse you for up to eight at-⁠home tests per month, for each person on your plan.

Understanding Your At-home Test Results

At-home test kit instructions have a section dedicated to understanding test results. If your test kit includes supplement materials such as video instructions or a phone app, those supplement materials will likely provide information on test results. 

If you test positive for COVID-19, follow isolation guidance and report your positive test results. You can report your positive at You can report both positive and negative results for you or a family member. The site is available in both English and Spanish. It offers resources for notifying close contacts if you test positive, and links for drug treatments for people who are at high risk of severe disease. Oral antivirals are free for people who qualify