Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion programs connect adults with developmental disabilities who are of retirement age with ways to stay active and engaged in their community. Support offered includes:

  • Participation in activities, events and organizations in the local community in ways similar to peers.
  • Building and strengthening  relationships between family members and members of the community who are not paid to be with the individual. 
  • Finding places where an individual’s interests, culture, talents and gifts can be contributed and shared with others with similar interests
  • Providing opportunities for people to do things they enjoy as well as new and interesting things
  • Supporting participation in clubs, associations, and organizations as members and in decision-making capacities

Whatcom County’s DD program contracts with community agencies to assist adults with developmental disabilities who are of retirement age (typically 62 or older) to access the community in ways typical to their age group. 

Who this service is for: Adults age 62 and older*
Eligibility for services: Open to adults in Whatcom County who:

  • Are of retirement age (usually age 62+)
  • Individuals age 21 and older must first actively pursue employment through Pathways to Employment Services. If after 9 months of services without a job placement the individual wishes to no longer pursue employment, a referral request for Community Inclusion may be made to your DDA Case Manager.

Get connected to services: For a referral to this program, contact your DDA Case Manager at (360) 714-5000. 

These agencies are qualified Community Inclusion providers: 

  • Services Alternatives
  • Work Opportunities
  • Cascade Connections