Child Development Svcs for Infants and Toddlers

Child Development Services and Early Services for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT)

These programs assist infants and toddlers with disabilities and delays and their families to support healthy child development. Families participate in designing a service plan based on their priorities and concerns. A team of specialists deliver services in your home.

Who this service is for: Children age 0-3 and their families
Eligibility for services: Open to any child in Whatcom County who:

  • Has a 25 percent developmental delay.
  • Shows a 1.5 standard deviation below their age in one or more of the developmental areas. 
  • Has a physical or mental condition such as Down Syndrome that is known to cause a delay in development.

Get connected to services: Call the SEAS line (Single Entry Access to Services) to talk with an ESIT coordinator.