SMP Update 2020 Documents

Materials for the County Council Public Hearing

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Resolution to Approve and Forward to DOE Resolution
Staff Report Staff Report
CompPlan Ch. 10 Environment (P/C Approved) Exhibit A
CompPlan Ch. 11 Shorelines (P/C Approved) Exhibit B
CompPlan Ch. 8 Marine Resource Lands (P/C Approved) Exhibit C
WCC Title 23 SMP (P/C Approved w DOE changes) Exhibit D
WCC Title 22 Permitting (P/C Approved w Co/C C/P amendments added) Exhibit E
WCC 16.16 Critical Areas (P/C approved w DOE changes) Exhibit F
Official Shoreline Map (P/C approved w DOE changes) Exhibit G
Synopsis of Public Comments Exhibit H
No Net Loss Statement Exhibit I
Restoration Plan Addendum Exhibit J
Dept. of Ecology Initial Determination Exhibit K
DOE Required and Recommended Changes Exhibit K, Att. 1
DOE Synopsis of Public Comments Exhibit K, Att. 2

Planning Commission Recommended Amendments/Department of Ecology Consistency Submittal

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Exhibit A - Comp Plan Chapter 10 Environment Exhibit A 
Exhibit B - Comp Plan Chapter 11 Shorelines Exhibit B
Exhibit C - Comp Plan Chapter 8 Marine Resource Lands Exhibit C
Exhibit D - WCC Title 23 Shoreline Regulations Exhibit D
Exhibit E - WCC Title 22 Shoreline Permitting Exhibit E
Exhibit F - WCC Title 16.16 Critical Areas Regulations Exhibit F
Exhibit G - Shoreline Map Exhibit G
Exhibit H.2 - Written Public Comments on the Draft Amendments received during the Joint Review Process  Exhibit H
Exhibit I - No Net Loss Addendum Exhibit I
Exhibit J - Shoreline Restoration Addendum Exhibit J
PLN2020-00006 Staff Report to Planning Commission  Staff Report
Department of Ecology Review Checklists Checklists
Comment Letters Sent to PC after the first review Comments
Copies of original, full comment letters from first public review Comments, full
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 04/22/2021 Minutes
Planning Commission Draft Meeting Minutes 05/13/2021 Minutes
Exhibit H - Synopsis of written public comments with staff responses Exhibit H
OLDER OUT-OF-DATE documents have been archived. To view these documents, please contact: Cliff Strong

Documents from the 2007 SMP Comprehensive Update

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Vol. 1 - Inventory and Characterization Report Report
Map Folio - Landscape Characterization Countywide, Northwest, South Central, North Central
Map Folio - Reach Folio  Map Index
Freshwater North Fork, Middle Fork, Canyon Lake, Racehorse
Freshwater Fazon Lake, Sumas South, Upper Mainstem
Freshwater Bertrand, Fishtrap
Freshwater Cherry Point
Freshwater Delta
Freshwater Drayton
Freshwater Forks, Canyon Lake
Freshwater Kendall, Canyon Creek
Freshwater Lake Whatcom North
Freshwater Mainstem Nooksack
Freshwater Middle Fork
Freshwater North Fork, Glacier
Freshwater North Fork, Kendall
Freshwater South Fork, Hutchinson
Freshwater South Fork, Mirror Lake
Freshwater Skookum
Freshwater Sumas, Johnson, Saar
Freshwater Ten Mile
Marine Birch Bay
Marine Cherry Point
Marine Chuckanut
Marine Drayton Harbor
Marine Lummi Bay
Marine Lummi Peninsula
Marine N. Lummi Island
Marine Nooksack Delta
Marine Point Roberts
Marine S. Lummi Island
Vol. II - Scientific Literature Review Report, Maps
Vol. III - Restoration Plan Report, Map
Vol. IV - Cumulative Effects Analysis Report