Inspection Result Descriptions

An inspection result describes the status of an establishment after an inspection is completed and any actions that are required to correct food safety violations.  Results determine how soon the next inspection will be scheduled.  

Each inspection will fall into one of the following categories:

This means the establishment was cited for zero or very few food safety violations.  No additional follow-up is needed until the next routine inspection .

Follow-up Required: 
This means an establishment was cited for some violations but did not meet the criteria for reinspection.  Inspectors require all high risk violations to be corrected immediately.  Inspectors also follow up, usually within 60 days.  Repeated violations may result in a reinspection.

Reinspection Required: 
This means an establishment was cited for numerous high risk or repeated violations.  Inspectors require all serious violations to be corrected immediately. They increase inspection frequency, and reinspection is usually conducted within 60 days.  Repeat violations may result in permit suspension. 

Permit Suspension: 
This means an establishment was ordered to temporarily close due to the presence of an imminent health hazard or repeated violations.  An imminent health hazard includes problems such as an active foodborne illness outbreak, sewage backup, serious equipment failure, interruption of potable water supply, or similar situation.  An imminent health hazard poses an immediate risk of illness or injury to the public.  

When a permit is suspended, the food establishment operator is required to attend an administrative hearing.  Conditions for reinstating the permit are set at the hearing.  All violations must be corrected before the permit will be reinstated.