Guardianship Facilitator

In 2015 the Washington State Legislature passed a law that allowed counties to create a courthouse facilitator program geared towards helping Pro Se parties (individuals who are not represented by attorneys) navigate the Guardianship process (RCW 11.88.170). In early 2017, Whatcom County’s Guardianship Facilitator started our Guardianship Monitoring Program and began assisting the public with reviewing basic forms and local court procedures. Pre-made guardianship packets are now available for purchase in the Clerk’s office. For further information about guardianships please see our Guardianship Information page.

What does a Guardianship Facilitator do?

  • Help identify which forms are appropriate/needed
  • Review paperwork for completeness
  • Explain court procedures & processes
  • if needed

Contact Us

  1. Guardianship Facilitator
    311 Grand Avenue
    3rd Floor, Suite 301 
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    Map (PDF)

    Phone: 360-778-5560


    By Appointment only

A Guardianship Facilitator cannot give legal advice nor provide legal representation

What is the Guardianship Monitoring Program?

  • Monitor official Court Guardianship files for delinquency
  • Determine the nature of the delinquency, contact appropriate party about the delinquency, and make arrangements to bring the guardianship up to date
  • Review forms submitted following delinquency for adequacy 

Fees for Facilitator services

  • Scheduled appointment: $20
  • Cash, debit, or credit paid to County Clerk, 3rd floor, prior to scheduling appointment
  • $20 fee includes first appointment and (when applicable) final or follow-up appointment
  • Free services may be available elsewhere

Complex or contested guardianships should seek the assistance of an attorney