Jail Stakeholder Workgroup

Please note: There will be no more meetings of the Jail Stakeholder Workgroup. The Workgroup has disbanded.


The Jail Stakeholder Workgroup was established by Resolution 2016-021 and will provide a recommendation to the Council for the financial agreements required for development of a new jail, including the cost of the facility; the funding mechanism; and the allocation and funding of operating expenses between jurisdictions. The Workgroup will advise the County Council and the County Executive on the development of a new jail ballot measure to be put before the voters no later than November 2017.


The Jail Stakeholder Work Group has 16 positions.  

The 16  members include:
 Name  Appointed Position
Barry Buchanan, Councilmember Whatcom County Council
Todd Donovan, Councilmember Whatcom County Council
Pinky Vargas, Councilmember  Bellingham City Council
Gene Knutson, Councilmember  Bellingham City Council 
Keith Olson  Small City Council 
Nickolaus Lewis  LIBC 
Vacant  Nooksack Tribal Council 
Jack Louws  County Executive 
Kelli Linville  Bellingham Mayor 
Scott Korthuis, Mayor  Small City Mayor 
Bill Elfo  Sheriff 
Cliff Cook  Bellingham Police Chief
Kelli Carroll  Bellingham Resident 
Mathew Babick County Resident 
Jack Hovenier  Incarceration Prevention and
Reduction Member 
Mark Holst, Corrections Sergeant  Corrections Officer 


The following positions have vacancies:

Term Limit

Terms end when Workgroup is dissolved upon County Council adoption of a jail ballot measure

Term Length

See above


Additional Information