Requirements and Valuation for Designated Forestland

Designated Forestland Classification Requires Forest Management Plan

Applications for Designated Forestland classification are made to the county assessor. A timber management plan is required to be filed at the time of new application, if sale or transfer of forestland occurs on contiguous land less than 20 Acres, or at application for classification transfer from Farm and Agricultural Open Space. A notice of continuance signed by the new owner(s) is required at every sale or transfer of classified land.

The application form requires information about a forest management plan, restocking, fire protection, insect and disease control, weed control, and any other summary of experience and activity that supports the growth and harvest of forest crops for commercial purpose.

Determination of Forestland Value

The department of revenue adjusts and certifies forest land values annually. These values are based upon land grades and operability classes. WAC 458-40-540 lists the forest land values to be used for assessors each assessment year.