Petition Information Requirements

All information in boxes 1 through 5 must be completed (if applicable). The petition must be signed and dated. Without this information, your petition for review will not be considered complete.

Section 1

Your account or parcel number appears on your determination notice, value change notice, and tax statement. If you are appealing multiple parcels, you must submit separate petitions for each parcel.

Section 2

  • Owner - self-explanatory

Section 3

You may appeal the assessed value of the property. The assessed value is based on the true and fair value of the property. Check the box if you are requesting the information the assessor used to value the property.

Section 4

Specific reasons - List the specific reasons for the appeal. Statements that simply indicate the assessor's valuation is too high or the amount of tax is excessive are not sufficient (WAC 458-14-056 (5)). The reasons must specifically indicate why you believe the assessed value does not represent the true and fair value of the property. Note any other issues you believe are relevant to the value of your property. To successfully appeal the assessed value of the property, you must show by clear, cogent, and convincing evidence the value established by the assessor is incorrect. In Section 4, you must list the reasons why you believe the assessed value is incorrect.

Section 5

Indicate if you are acting under a written Power of Attorney. Sign and date the petition

Section 6 - 10

  • Self-explanatory

Section 11

Additional information to support your estimate of value may be provided either with this petition or prior to 21 business days before the hearing.