Marine Resources

Provides technical assistance and administrative support to: 
  • The Marine Resources Committee
  • Drayton Harbor, Portage Bay, and Birch Bay Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committees.
  • Other County departments
  • Local & regional groups dealing with marine efforts and issues. 

Coordination of efforts between all of these various groups is a key role for the Natural Resources staff. 
Natural Resources uses public education and outreach to raise awareness about marine issues throughout the Whatcom County community.

Fishing Boats
Whatcom Marine Resources Committee (MRC)
  • Established by County Council in 1999 as part of the federal Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative.
  • Works to protect and enhance the local environment.
  • Contributes to the protection of the Northwest Straits marine environment.
Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committees
  • 3 Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committees in Whatcom County: Drayton Harbor, Portage Bay, and Birch Bay.
  • Advisory committee members are appointed by the Whatcom County Council.
  • Advise the council on proposed actions and operations relating to the restoration of water quality in these geographic areas.
For more information about the Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committees, contact Erika Douglas.
Shellfish Closure