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Questions about Tax Statements

Why haven't I received my statement yet?
The Treasurer's Office may have an incorrect mailing address, or we may be holding the statement for an adjustment that needs to be made prior to mailing (i.e. senior or disabled exemptions).

I sold this property.  What should I do with the statement?
The tax statement may either be forwarded to the purchaser or returned to the Assessor's or Treasurer's Office.  If you choose to return the statement, please note the purchaser's name and address if you have that information.  Any statement returned will be researched for a correct address and/or taxpayer and re-mailed accordingly.

I lost my tax statement.  Can I get a new one?   
Contact the Treasurer's Office and a duplicate statement can be mailed to you. You can also view the statement information online.

How do I change my address or name?
An address change can be taken over the phone, by email to or by snail-mail, or in person.  You may only request a taxpayer change through the Treasurer's Office.  Any request for a complete name change must be done through the Assessor's Office and accompanied by a legal document such as, a deed, real estate contract, divorce decree, death certificate, or a court document.  Please include your parcel number(s) for any of these requests.

What do I need to do if the "situs or location address" for my property is stated incorrectly on my tax statement?
You can contact the Assessor's Office to request a correction to this address.  We obtain that address from their records as a courtesy to the taxpayers.

Does filing a Satisfaction of Mortgage with the County Auditor change the name and address on my tax statement?
No, the Treasurer's Office must be notified.     

What is the special assessment on my tax statement?
For information regarding the intended use of the funds generated by a special assessment, please contact Public Works Engineering Division at (360) 676-6730.

Should I have a personal property statement?     
Personal property pertains to commercial, industrial or agricultural enterprises, such as businesses, apartments, leaseholds, and farms.  Personal property's primary characteristic is its mobility, and includes, but is not limited to, machinery, furniture, fixtures and equipment.  Every business must complete a personal property inventory affidavit by April 30 each year and file it with the Whatcom County Assessor's office for taxes due the following year.  Personal property tax rates are the same as for real property.

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