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About Us
What we do:
The Whatcom County Superior Court (Suite 301) consists of 3 judges, each elected to a 4-year term; and 3 full-time and 2 part-time court commissioners who hear all cases involving:
  • Adult felonies and all juvenile offenses
  • Divorce, child custody, support matters
  • Paternity actions
  • Probate, guardianships, adoptions
  • Cases involving real property; claims in excess of $35,000
  • Involuntary mental commitment
  • Abused or neglected children


To improve the quality and the perception of the quality of justice in Whatcom County by identifying deficiencies in and implementing measures to improve areas shown below. To find out more about what these mean, click on the following links:

The court is supported by:

  • County Clerk:  An appointed position; custodian of all court records and accounts; schedules and staffs all court proceedings. Suite 301, (360) 676-6777
  • Courthouse Facilitator: Suite 507, (360) 738-2459
    • Family law and domestic relations procedures and paperwork
  • Court Services Office: Suite 304, (360) 676-6803
    • Public defender applications (felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile)
    • Mandatory arbitration program
    • Domestic violence and anti-harassment protection orders