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Bureau of Enforcement and Investigations

Operations | Patrol | Detectives

Patrol and Detectives

Law Enforcement Operations Division

The Law Enforcement Operations Division has the primary responsibility of investigating criminal activity and providing assistance to the public as needed. We do this through our Patrol and Detectives.

Patrol Division

The responsibility begins with a core group of patrol division deputies who respond to reports of criminal activity and requests for emergency assistance. Patrol deputies are available 24 hours a day and are dispatched through the 911 emergency system. Within the patrol division, deputies may be assigned to special units including K-9, Traffic, and Marine Patrol.

Detective Division

Investigations that require a long term commitment are assigned to the WCSO Detective Division. This division consists of 7 detectives that handle major criminal investigations, such as murder, arson, robbery, rape, and other serious offenses. This division also coordinates all of the registered sex offenders residing in Whatcom County, per Washington State law.

The Operations Division is supervised by Chief Criminal Deputy Doug Chadwick.