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Noxious Weed Control


What Are Noxious Weeds?

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Current Weed List

Whatcom County Noxious Weed List

Changes to 2014 Whatcom County Weed List Two new species have been added to the 2014 Whatcom County Noxious Weed List. One species, Lesser Celandine, has been added to the Class "B" list and Nonnative Cattail species have been added to the Class "C" list. The target species for enforcement in 2014 will be Tansy Ragwort, Spotted Knapweed, Purple Loosestrife and Giant Hogweed. Surveying and notification emphasis will be placed on Lesser Celandine.

For information on the various classes of weeds, see the Weed Classification page.

Lesser Celandine in woodland

The Noxious Weed List is updated annually and is provided here in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF). You will need the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, available free from Adobe.  

On the county weed list, noxious weeds identified with an asterisk (*) receive the highest priority for education, surveying and enforcement activities by the Whatcom County Noxious Weed Board.

Prohibited Plant List

The Prohibited Plant List contains the names of those plants for which it is illegal to transport, buy, sell, offer for sale, intentionally transplant or distribute plants or any plant parts within the state of Washington.