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Natural Resources


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Coordinated Water System Plan Update


WRIA 1 Watershed Management Project

The framework for watershed management in the state is based on geographic areas known as Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs). WRIA 1 includes the Nooksack River basin and several adjoining smaller watersheds, such as the coastal drainages of Dakota and California Creeks, as well as Lake Whatcom.

The WRIA 1 Watershed Management Plan was completed in 2005 through the cooperation of local stakeholders and governments and provides a roadmap for addressing water quantity, water quality, instream flow, and fish habitat challenges. 

The WRIA 1 Watershed Management Project website describes the history, recent activities, studies and other resources.


WRIA 1 Salmonid Recovery Plan

Find information on the basic issues surrounding salmon recovery, the recovery projects in WRIA 1, and the policies and public processes designed to recover salmon runs at the WRIA1 Salmon Recovery website.

WRIA 1 Local Integrating Organization

Find information about the WRIA 1 Local Integrating Organization (LIO) and Puget Sound Action Plan update here.