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Lake Samish Comprehensive Stormwater Planning

Lake Samish Comprehensive Stormwater Plan

To view the Lake Samish Comprehensive Stormwater Plan 6-1-2012 Draft - CLICK HERE

Background Information


After a series of public meetings, research, and engineering analysis, the Lake Samish Stormwater Comprehensive Plan is now ready for public review and comment. The draft is dated June 1st, 2012. There will be a public meeting to receive comment on this plan on Wednesday June 27th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm @ the South Whatcom Fire Authority Station #29, 705 West Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham, WA.

The Lake Samish Basin is an 8,020 acre watershed located in the southwest corner of Whatcom County, Washington. The basin drains to Lake Samish (an 826 acre, freshwater lake) and is a sub-basin of the Samish River Basin which drains to Samish Bay. In addition to providing many recreational opportunities, Lake Samish serves at the primary drinking water source for approximately 95% of residents in the area, most of whom draw their water directly from the lake. Recent monitoring studies have revealed a decline in the lake water quality due, in part, to sediment and external nutrient loading from development and land use practices within the basin. Since there is no public water treatment and distribution system within the basin, this deteriorating water quality could eventually represent a public health and safety issue.

In response to this situation, the Whatcom County Stormwater Division initiated a stormwater planning effort for the Lake Samish Basin in 2009.

Lake Samish Comprehensive Stormwater Planning

Kraig Olason
Senior Planner
Public Works Stormwater Division

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