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Engineering Services
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Bellingham, WA 98226
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Design & Construction and
Bridge & Hydraulic
322 N Commercial St
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Bellingham, WA 98225
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Rural Road Safety Program

Rural Road Safety Program

Project Narrative:

In 2011 the County received a total of $1,325,000 in Federal Grant funds to address county-wide road safety improvement in two (2) distinct areas - intersection safety and run-off-the-road crashes. An additional $600,000 in Federal Grant funds was secured in 2013. The main elements of the program focus on the installation of centerline and edge rumble strips, bridge freeze indicators, bridge approach guardrail improvements and selected intersection upgrades. The type and locations of the federally approved modifications are detailed below:

Shoulder & centerline rumble strips with new centerline paint and recessed pavement markers - (Completed)

  • Hannegan Rd. - 4.8 Miles - Hemmi Road to Polinder Road
  • Birch Bay-Lynden Road - 10.3 Miles - SR 548 (Blaine Rd) to Lynden city limits
  • Smith Rd (west & east) - 10.5 Miles - Waschke Rd to SR 542 (Mt. Baker Hwy)
  • Everson-Goshen Rd - 6.08 Miles - SR 542 (Mt. Baker Hwy) to SR 544 (Pole Rd)
  • Slater Road - 6.2 Miles - Lk Terrell Road to BNSF Railroad crossing (near Interstate 5)

Bridge Freeze Indicators (Completed)

22 bridge approaches and 3 road locations (Lake Whatcom Blvd, Hannegan, Birch Bay-Lynden, Slater, Hampton, Mosquito Lake, Marine Drive, Everson-Goshen, Loomis Trail, Portal Way, Rock, West Badger, South Pass, N. Telegraph, North Pass, and Rathbone)

Guardrail Upgrades (Completed)

6 bridge approaches and 1 road site (Aldrich, Northwood, Ten Mile (2), Hannegan/Laurel, Kelly and Potter).

Intersection Improvements

  • West Smith Rd/Aldrich Rd - left turn lane on Smith Rd. (Summer of 2014)
  • Birch Bay-Lynden Rd/Berthusen Rd - signage upgrades (Fall of 2013)