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River and Flood Division

The River and Flood Division of Public Works provides a variety of services to the Whatcom County area. Follow the links at left for more detailed information on the following programs:

Early Flood Warning

River and Flood Staff works with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to maintain a network of early flood warning stations to help citizens prepare and take appropriate measures to protect lives and property from flood damages. We provide links to general weather and forecasting data.

Flood Hazard Reduction Program

Under this program, River and Flood implements projects to reduce future flood damages and public expenditures to repair damaged areas. Examples include construction of setback levees and overflow spillways, and designation of overflow corridors in overbank areas. Two alluvial fan studies have been completed for Jones Creek and Canyon Creek. For Jones Creek, review of potential mitigation measures and concept design of a preferred approach has also been completed.

Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Planning

We work to identify flooding problems and provide recommendations for achieving long-term flood hazard reduction strategies. The Lower Nooksack River Comprehesive Flood Hazard Management Plan was adopted in 1999.  Implementation of the plan is ongoing and copies of the reports generated in support of plan implementation can be found below:

Background Information

Preliminary Sediment Budget

Preparedness and Response

River and Flood Division works closely with the County's Division of Emergency Management (DEM) to plan for and implement a coordinated response during flood events to ensure public safety and minimize flood damages. What to do during a flood - the Whatcom County Flood Preparedness newsletter.

National Flood Insurance Program

Whatcom County participates in the Congress-initiated National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) of 1968, to make affordable flood insurance available to citizens of communities that adopt approved flood management regulations. New FEMA flood maps on-line.

Repair and Maintenance Program

The Flood Control Repair and Maintenance Program addresses problem areas with rivers, streams, and coastlines of Whatcom County, and mitigates future flood damages in a proactive and cost-effective manner.

Technical Assistance

Our engineers and engineering technicians provide technical assistance regarding drainage and flood issues to private citizens and businesses located along the many water bodies within Whatcom County.

River / Flood Division
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