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The Whatcom County River and Flood Division engineers and engineering technicians Deer creek one year after plantingprovide technical assistance pertaining to drainage and flood issues to private citizens and businesses located along the many water bodies within Whatcom County.  This centralized information resource provides a consistent policy and program to both public and private entities.  Significant data has been collected on various historical flood events and is periodically updated as flood events occur.  The staff provides administrative and technical assistance to flood control, diking, and drainage districts in Whatcom County.  In addition to the countywide Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District, there are currently 22 special districts more localized in their service areas.  These include four diking districts, three flood control sub-zones, thirteen drainage districts, and a flood control district.  The special districts require some level of technical support and assistance.  Specifically, the staff provides assistance in establishing special districts and systems of assessment, adjusting assessments, organizing and hosting special district meetings, monitoring and processing financial business, applying for permits, and overseeing a re-vegetation program targeted at riparian areas. The photo above shows Deer Creek at Smith Road one year after planting. The photo below shows Saar Creek two years after planting.

Saar Creek one year after plantingThe staff also provides materials and information, such as maps, photos, studies, and reports that pertain to flood related issues and currently achievable methods to reduce flood damages.  In addition, the staff provides flood related technical assistance in planning, design, prioritization, funding, research, permitting, construction, regulating, inspection, and supervision of development projects.

Technical assistance provided to special districts and the public ensures that all projects are designed and permitted in accordance with regulatory requirements and are consistent with overall plans.  This service helps entities take measures to protect themselves and ultimately reduce damages due to flooding and inadequate drainage. 

It is important that these groups of individuals convey a clear and accurate message to the public and assist in their understanding of the flood hazards in Whatcom County.  It is also important that the public has the information necessary so that they can incorporate their decisions, implementation measures, and actions as appropriate.