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Maintenance and Operations (M & O) Division

Traffic Operations

Whatcom County Maintenance and Operations Traffic Operations maintains and installs the appropriate traffic control devices as well as other duties outlined below.

During May through September, the Striping Crew stripes 1700 lane miles of road using low VOC as well as environmentally friendly water-based paint.  The crew also installs raised Snowy roadpavement paint and thermoplastic markings, such as stop bars, arrows, "STOP" markings and the like.

Traffic Operations includes a Sign Shop crew that works year round maintaining the county's approximately 8,500 signs.  A visual inspection of each sign occurs once a month for general conditions and once a year in November at night for reflectivity.  The Sign Shop crew also constructs new signs, reviews new sign plans for developments and construction zones, and installs decals on fleet vehicles.  Sign Shop personnel are on call 24-hours a day to close roads during emergencies such as car accidents, hazardous material spills, and flooding.

The Traffic Operations Hot-Box Crew works spring, summer, and fall using hot asphalt to fill potholes, skin patch, depth patch, repair asphalt shoulders, and pave culvert crossings.

Road ClosedThe Traffic Operations Division also maintains 60 miles of gravel road throughout the county.  Road grading to remove potholes and wash boarding followed by rolling to obtain a smooth surface occurs from October to May.  For dust control from May to October, the process involves the addition of a water truck lignin.  Traffic Operations also prepares gravel roads for conversion to chip seal.

Traffic Operations has a year round litter pick-up crew to collect litter and sponsors the Adopt-A-Road and Juvenile Offender Programs.

Providing these services allows for safe and efficient travel throughout Whatcom County.