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Maintenance and Operations (M & O) Division

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Structures maintained by crews include bridges, guardrail, seawalls, bulkhead retaining walls, and ferry docks

By federal mandate, every bridge (161 at last count) is inspected bi-annually.  Public Works Engineering inspects the structures and prepares a report describing any maintenance work needed.  Scheduling of structure repairs or replacement includes permit acquisition and determination of the "fish window" as most structures provide access to upstream habitat for native fish species.  A "fish window", usually June 15 - September 30, may be the only opportunity to rebuild or replace bridges or complete any other major repair or replacement projects. 

M&O works closely with the county's habitat biologist and state or federal fish and wildlife personnel to acquire the necessary permits. The identification and relocation of utilities such as power, phone, and gas lines occur in cooperation with the utility companies.  This is becoming more of a challenge every year as the major utilities centralize their offices either out of town or even out of Washington State.

BridgeThere are a number of different standards and types of guardrail currently in use.  An inventory of guardrail is maintained by location, length, type, and condition.
Ferry docks are inspected monthly and any necessary repairs are scheduled so that there is minimal impact to ferry customers.