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Equipment Services

Inventory Management

Equipment Services, through the Central Stores operation, is responsible for a wide variety of equipment, supplies, tools, and other items necessary to the everyday operation of the various Whatcom County divisions and departments.  Items include safety equipment Snow plow(goggles, vests, first aid kits), radios, raingear, road oil, paint striping and bridge materials, grass seed, asphalt, herbicides, culverts, salt, sand, and coveralls.  This service is provided to the Park and Recreation department, the Sheriff's office, and Public Works Road Crew for the materials and supplies necessary for the maintenance and operations of the county roads.

Another related task of Equipment Services' inventory management is gravel, pit run, culverts, and other construction materials used by the Maintenance and Operations division of Public Works.  The availability of the materials supplied through the Pits and Quarries operation enables the Road Crew immediate access to the necessary rock, pit run gravel, and other materials necessary to complete road maintenance projects in a timely fashion.  This allows for the least impact on county residents and visitors as well as minimum cost to county taxpayers. 

Equipment Services' Central Stores is the procurer for all the tires, brakes, and other items necessary to maintain the county fleet in working order. Equipment Services also outfit the Sheriff's vehicles with lights, side panel striping, and other equipment necessary to their operation.  If an item is purchased by Public Works Equipment Services, it goes through Central Stores for inventory control.

Maintenance and Operations is required to report all materials usage, through item tickets and waybills, to Central Stores who compiles and inventories this usage.  Central Stores inventory is audited by the State every year to ensure accountability.

Many of the purchases made by Central Stores require the assistance of Whatcom County Administrative Services, Finance Division Purchasing.  Equipment Services will prepare a bid document that is routed to purchasing for advertising through the various appropriate newspapers and journals.  Purchasing also handles the bid openings by placing the item on the Council agenda and participating in the Council session.  Purchasing then forwards the bids to Equipment Services for tabulation and bid award.  Equipment Services also prepares a number of other contracts for a variety of services related to the Central Shop.

Shop and Stores personnel are required to have flexible hours in order to address the needs of the Maintenance & Operations schedule.  The morning routine for Stores personnel include the distribution of equipment to the road crew personnel including shovels and other hand tools, safety equipment such as vests and road signs, and culverts, catch basins, and other road construction materials from the outside yard.