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2009 Road & Bridge Projects

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Engineering Services
5280 Northwest Drive, Suite C
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 676-6730
(360) 380-8110
Fax: (360) 676-6558

Design, Construction
Hydraulic & Environmental
2011 Young St., Ste. 201
Bellingham, WA 98225
(one block East of the Courthouse)
(360) 715-7450
Fax: (360) 715-7451

What We Do

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Whatcom County's 2,119 square mile area by administering the management of 974 county road miles and 160 county bridges.  Engineering responds to requests from several of the small towns and cities within the Whatcom County area.

Engineering also processes Road Vacations.  Whatcom County Council approves or denies vacations and abandonments.  This process allows landowners the opportunity to remove unused portions of county road right-of-way from the county's infrastructure and return it to private property.

Road Closures provide the opportunity to repair county roads by either the county road crew or a private contractor.  By closing a roadway, the construction process can proceed smoothly, with the least amount of interruption, and provide the most safety to the public.  Road Restrictions are in place to provide this same protection to the public by forbidding overweight vehicles passage on roadways that are under stress from the weather.  Heavy truck traffic can damage roadways.

Engineering provides record and map information about survey monumentation, Records and mapsright-of-way widths, road packets and deeds, short plats, long plats, binding site plans, and records of survey.