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J.E. “Sam” Ryan, CBO

5280 Northwest Drive
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Submittal Process
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Whatcom County Planning & Development Services (PDS) now requires that all residential applications be Pre-Screened by staff in order to obtain an appointment for submittal of an application.  

If you have not already worked through the Pre-Screening Process with PDS staff, please come into our office (best times are from 1-4 in the afternoon) or contact us via email at at the earliest phase of your project development.   Please provide us with:

  • Your Name, Phone & E-Mail
  • The Parcel Address & 16-digit Parcel Number
  • Total square footage of proposed project
  • Your proposed site plan
  • Natural Resources Assessment Case Number (Click on this for more information)

To apply for a building permit, you need to fill out the 3-page application form found in the Building Permit Application packet. Included in the packet are instructions, a list of all required information for a complete application, and the application form (fillable format) that must be filled out completely and turned in at your application appointment.

Appointments for residential, residential accessory and agricultural building applications are available Monday through Friday in the morning. Commercial application appointments are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the afternoon.  Once your pre-screening is complete and you have worked through any required Natural Resource items, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 360-676-6907 and have your contact information and 16-digit Tax Parcel number ready.

Depending on your project, we may be able to issue your permit at the end of your appointment. If that is not the case, the applicant will be notified by phone after all reviews are complete that the permit is ready to be issued and what fees are owing. The applicant will need to come in to the office to sign for the permit and pay the fees. This cannot be done on-line or by phone. Fees may be paid by check or cash only.