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J.E. “Sam” Ryan, CBO

5280 Northwest Drive
Bellingham, Washington 98226
Telephone: (360) 676-6907


Current fees and rates charged by Whatcom County Planning and Development Services (PDS) are adopted under Ordinance 2014-063. Please see the Unified Fee Schedule for all applicable permit based fees.

Building permit fees are largely based on the valuation of the proposed structure, the project’s proximity to critical areas and the number of proposed mechanical and plumbing fixtures. Additional development permits, not included in this worksheet, may also be required. Such separate permits may include, but are not limited to, shoreline developments, encroachment and/or other applicable current planning and fire permits.

The Building Permit Estimate Worksheet helps estimate the projected cost of a single family residence or detached structure building permit. 

Building Permit Deposits:

At the very least, a deposit fee is required at the time you submit your building permit application. This fee will be deducted from your total building permit cost with the remainder balance to be paid at the time you pick up your permit. The deposit fees are broken down based on the type of permit being applied for and the proposed square footage of the structure.

If we are able to issue your permit during your application submittal appointment, we will collect all fees in full.

New Single Family Residences (SFR):

New SFR under 1,000 sq/ft

New SFR over 1,000 sq/ft without an attached garage

New SFR over 1,000 sq/ft with an attached garage




Addition to an Existing Single Family Residences (SFR):

SFR interior remodel

SFR small exterior addition (project value less than $10,000)

SFR exterior addition (project value greater than $10,000)




Residential Detached Structures:

Interior remodel of an existing detached structure

Exterior addition to a detached structure (less than 400 square feet)

New detached structures and exterior additions (greater than 400 square feet)




Mobile/Manufacture Homes in a Park (MOB):

New & Replacement Singlewide

New & Replacement Doublewide

New & Replacement Triplewide




Mobile/Manufacture Homes on a Residential Lot (MOB):

New Singlewide

New Doublewide

New Triplewide

Replacement Singlewide (same footprint)

Replacement Doublewide (same footprint)

Replacement Triplewide   (same footprint)







Commercial Structures (COM):

All Commercial Structures

Valuation (deposit will be determined at pre-screening)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Whatcom County Planning and Development Services at 360-676-6907 or email.