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Background Documents on Jail Planning
Document Title
Jail Design
Horizontal vs. Vertical Design
Jail Diversion
Evidence Based Public Policy Options
In House Alternative Programs


Cost Benefit Study Bexar County Texas
Jail Diversion Toolkit
NACO Sustainable Diversion Presentation
Snohomish County Jail Visit Notes - 6/21/2011

Mental Health Triage - Examples

Addressing the Needs
Allegheny County Mental Health Strategies
NACO Pittsburgh Police Brochure - Mental Illness
Needs of Combat Veterans
Rand Corp Report - Justice Treatment and Cost
Report on Housing Programs for Mentally Ill
San Antonio Mental Illness Crisis Care Center
National and State Studies

Dept of Justice National Inst. of Corrections

DOJ Building Community Support
DOJ Paper on Reducing Jail Size
DOJ Siting White Paper
DOJ How to Collect Data for Jails
DOJ Jail Site Planning and Expansion
DOJ Jail Capacity Planning Guide
DOJ US Justice - Reinvestment

National Assoc of Counties (NACO)

NACO Current Platform and Reolutions
NACO Elected Official Guide to PreTrial Services
NACO Reentry for Safer Communities
NACO Crisis Services
NACO Jail Diversion Toolkit
NACO Rand Corp Study Evaluation of the Fiscal Impact of Allegheny County MHC

Pew Center

2011 Arkansas Report
Pew Right Sizing Prisons Report
Arizona Probation Brief
Kentucky Data-Driven Control Costs
S. Carolina Public Safety Reform
State of Recidivism

WA Inst. of Public Policy (WSIPP)

WSIPP Report
WSIPP Assessment Tools
  WSIPP Impact Housing Re-entry
WSIPP Evidence Based Options
Dept of Public Safety - Kauai, Hawaii
Lifetime Stand Training Center - Background
  Long Term Guide to Lifetime Stand Redirection
  Why 90% of Prison Programs Fail
Need for a New Jail
2009 Jail Control System Justice Systems Report
New Jail FAQs - Part 1
National Institute of Corrections (NIC)
NIC 2011 Report - Whatcom County Jail and Justice System Assessment
  Building Community Support for New Jail Construction
JSA-JJSA Description for Agencies

Resolution and Contact List

Jail Planning Task Force Roster, May 2011
Resolution Jail Planning Task Force, 04/26/11
Whatcom County Jail and Crime Data
2010 Trend for Jail Population by Status
Booking ADP Info 1984 through 2010
Crime in Washington State 2010
Inmate Population Breakdown by Ethnicity and Race, 1997 - 2010
Possession Bookings for 2010
Snapshots - Trend as of 2010
Whatcom County Alternative Jail Data
Jail Program Trends, 2003-2010
  Whatcom County Jail Alternative Corrections Programs Criteria
  Whatcom County Jail Alternative Programs Statistics, 2003-2010
  Jail Alternative Programs Descriptions
  Whatcom County In-House Programs Descriptions
Whatcom County Jail and Crime Data
Core Jail Functional Components
  Offender Flow Sheet
Whatcom County Jail Background
National Institute of Corrections Presentation - Assessment of Existing Jail & Work Center, August 31, 2011
  2011 Jail Planning Task Force, 06/07/11
Whatcom County Sheriff's Office, Corrections Bureau, an Overview
Jay Farbstein and Associates Reports
Whatcom County Jail Presentation, October 12, 2011
  Report on Jail Planning Assistance, October 17, 2011
Whatcom County Jail Location and Siting
DOJ Study 01/05/91, Siting Jails