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Parent-Child Division

Parent-Child Home

Child Passenger Safety

Childcare Health & Safety Consultation

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Childcare Health Consultation Program


To provide information, support and education to childcare providers in order to promote wellness, prevent disease, foster best practice recommendations and to enhance the quality of the caregiving environment.

Program Services

Who: Consultation is provided by a team of public health nurses with pediatric experience and specialized training in childcare health issues.

How: Individual onsite visits and phone consultation. Training to groups on request. The consultation is an approved STARS provider.

What: Topics that may be addressed include:
Development and Review of Health Policies
Prevention of Communicable Disease
Infant and Child Development
Nutrition and Mealtime Behaviors
Staff Health
Community Resources
Environment and Playground Safety
Disaster Preparedness
Special Needs Care Plans
Immunization Information

Cost: $35.00 per hour for onsite contact
$50.00 per hour for trainings and/or presentations

Contact: Alexis Cardinal, RN or Judy Ziels, RN
Childcare Health Consultation Coordinators or

Sylvia Fragner R.N. M.N.
Parent/Child Program Supervisor

1500 N. State St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 676-6762