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Information on specific zoonotics:

What is a Vector-Borne disease?

A vector-borne disease is a disease that is transmitted from a host to another susceptible host by a vector. In other words, it is a disease that is passed by a biological agent, which is often an insect.

At the Health Department, we provide technical assistance to veterinarians and the public on transmission, prevention, and control of diseases transmitted to humans from animals. Specifically, we:

  • Conduct surveillance activities to monitor prevalence and geographic distribution of some diseases.
  • Investigate known illness cases to improve prevention and control techniques.
  • Provide educational materials to the public, veterinarians, and animal control personnel.

At the Health Department, we also offer information in specific areas, such as:

  • Information for Veterinarians
  • Information regarding Petting Zoos
  • Information for Pet Store Employees


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