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On-Site Sewage Systems

On-Site Sewage System (OSS) Program

The On-site Sewage System Program has regulatory oversight for all on-site sewage systems in Whatcom County. We perform a wide variety of activities to carry out this oversight that include:

  • Site Application review for new, repaired or expanded OSS
  • Permit Issuance
  • Final Construction inspections
  • Subdivision, Boundary Line Adjustment and Conditional Use review
  • Complaint investigations
  • Enforcement of OSS Codes, e.g. Whatcom County Code, WCC 24.05 and Washington Administrative Code, WAC 246-272A
  • Survey inspections of OSS in sensitive areas
  • Homeowner education and notification regarding proper Operation and Maintenance of their OSS
  • Certification program for OSS Pumpers, Installers and Operation and Maintenance Specialists

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