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Topics in Environmental Health




Environmental Health Services

What is Environmental Health?
Environmental Health is an aspect of public health that focuses on the relationships between the environment and human health. Environmental Health identifies, prevents, and controls these effects. The mission of Environmental Health is to minimize the public's exposure to environmental hazards by:

What environmental health services does the Health Department provide?
The Health Department performs a variety of services in order to protect the public from environmental hazards, such as food service inspections and food worker training, food borne illness investigations, drinking water monitoring, camp inspections, pool inspections, and enforcement of regulations governing on-site sewage disposal and solid waste.

Who provides these services?
We have professional staff members including 15.5 Environmental Health Specialists who work in different program areas to provide service to the community.

How do I find out more?
Click on one of the program links listed on this page or call our Girard Street office at 360 676 6724.

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