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Topics in Food Safety
Food Establishment Permit Application Process

New Business Owners

As a business owner, you must have a current food service permit, issued in your name by the Whatcom County Health Department. This permit is valid for one year, then must be renewed.

If you are the owner of a new food establishment, you will need to submit a plan review packet (located here) to the Health Department prior to construction. During the review process, an inspector will work with you to ensure that the design of your kitchen meets State Food Code requirements. Our inspector will also answer any questions you have about safe food handling requirements. Our initial review usually requires 1-2 weeks. The time required to obtain plan approval varies based on how many plan revisions are required to comply with code requirements.

If you are the new owner of an existing business, you will need to complete the Change of Ownership Packet, located here . The previous owner’s permit is no longer valid. This process includes completing the application, paying the associated fees, and scheduling an inspection of the facility.

Existing Business Owners

If you are planning to do any construction, change the menu, or equipment, call your inspector. Small changes to the appearance of the facility may not require formal plan review. Please call your inspector prior to making any changes. Contact Info.

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