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Biomedical Waste


Needle/Syringe Disposal at Home

Biomedical Waste


Biomedical waste is wasteBio Hazard symbol such as sharps, blood and cultures that can potentially cause infection.  Improper disposal of biomedical waste can lead to the transmission of infectious agents.  Due to the risks that these wastes present, these wastes are regulated under Whatcom County Code Chapter 24.06.

The requirements for Biomedical Waste Generators are summarized in the Biomedical Waste Generator brochure. This brochure can be accessed on-line, or obtained by contacting the Whatcom County Health Department.  The Health Department is also available to assist generators with the requirements. The Health Department can be reached by phone at (360) 676-6724.

Residential Generator Exemption

Biomedical waste generated from self-treatment, and disposed of with residential wastes from a single-family residence or single-family dwelling unit, is exempt from the requirements of Chapter 24.06.  When properly packaged and labeled, Whatcom County Solid Waste Rules currently allow the disposal of residential sharps into household garbage cans. Click on the recommendations for disposal of needles/syringes (residential sharps) link, or obtain a brochure from the Health Department.


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