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Community Health Services


Welcome to Community Health Services

What is Community Health?
Community Health is the part of the public health system that focuses on health-related issues for individuals, families and communities.  Our mission statement is - We work with individuals and communities to identify and resolve health problems, promote well-being, and assure access to services.

What kinds of services do you provide?
All the programs provide information and referrals. Please call the program or clinic you are interested in for an appointment or more information.

Do you provide medical care for low-income people?
No, we do not provide general medical care. We refer low-income people who need those services to the community health centers in Whatcom County (SeaMar Community Health Centers,and Interfaith Community Health Center).

Who provides these services?
We have professional staff members including public health nurses, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, social workers, case managers, outreach workers, and health care assistants.

Who pays for these services?
We are funded by a variety of Federal, State and local tax dollars, some grant monies and fees charged to clients seeking services.  We collect medical coupons and charge fees based on ability to pay.

How do I find out more?
Click on one of the program links listed on this page.

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