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Immunization Program

Adult Vaccine Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What shots do adults need?

See the Washington State Department of Health immunization web site for vaccine recommendations.


Where can I get a copy of my immunization record?

  • Go to the health department to request a copy of your immunization record for any shots given at the health department.
  • For vaccines given elsewhere, contact the health care provider that gave the vaccines. Many health care practices including the Whatcom County Health Department participate in the Washington State Immunization Registry. The Registry, however, may not show all vaccines given.

Where can I get more information about vaccines?

  • Contact your health care provider.
  • Call the health department
  • Visit these web sites:

National Immunization Program
Washington Department of Health
Immunization Action Coalition

Contact Information

Immunization Program
1500 North State Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Telephone: (360) 676-4593


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