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Pandemic Flu Topics

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Avian Flu vs Pandemic Flu

Pandemic Flu Planning:

Pan Flu Presentations:



Local, State, National and World Planning and Preparedness

Local Preparedness

Home preparation is essential In the event of a global pandemiic. Families, as well as individuals living alone, are advised to stock certain essential resources for their families. These resources include such things as bottled drinking water, non-perishable food, basic medical supplies, etc. The following links provide detailed preparedness recommendations:

Organizational preparation is also essential in the event of a pandemic influenza. Businesses and other types of organizations, such as non-profits and local government, can prepare to meet the needs of their employees and customers by referring to some of the following research guides and implementing recommendations:

•  Pandemic Flu

•  Red Cross

•  Pandemic Flu



The following resources and links provide additional information regarding pandemic influenza planning efforts at the county, state, federal and international levels: