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Immunization Program - Blogs

Over the last few years several pro-vaccine blogs have launched:

Shot of Prevention

Shot of Prevention

Is a community blog where individuals, parents, medical professionals and others can gather to discuss questions and current events regarding immunizations.
A blog by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a peditrician and parent, about keeping kids health. "Prevention Reigns."
Is about immunizations by Melanie Mouzoon, MD, FAAP, a managing physician of immunization practices and travel medicine at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston.

blog pkids

Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases

Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases blogger, Dr. Emily Willingham, background includes a PhD in biological sciences. She is a scientist, writer, editor, teacher, autism & ADHD parent.

Parents Who Protect

Parents Who Protect

“We as parents believe that all children have the right to healthy development and the opportunity to achieve at their highest potential. This blog will serve as a forum for us to discuss the ways in which we can move closer to fulfilling this aspiration.”

Autism Science Foundation Blog

Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation Blog, is an organization founded by parents and scientists working together. Its mission is to support autism research and share information on autism.

Shot by Shot

Hear real stories of vaccine preventable diseases from families they have touched:

“Shot by Shot’s storybank of real-life stories, told by survivors, family members, friends, and health care providers, brings first-hand experiences to new generations. Personal stories touch us, educate us, and remind us of the value of prevention.”


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