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Children and Adolescents Vaccine Information

Child vaccination

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"Reasons to Vaccinate"

The Health Department provides recommended immunizations to children and adolescents less than 19 years of age who:

  • Do not have a provider either because the person is new to this area or are changing providers
  • Have a provider, but they do not stock State-supplied Vaccine or the specific State-supplied vaccine being requested
  • Do not have health insurance (Medicare and Provider One are considered health insurance)
  • Have health insurance but:
    • Deductible is very high
    • Insurance does not cover vaccines

If your child or adolescent meets the above criteria, please call the Immunization Program (360-676-4593) to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What shots do my children need?


See the CDC Immunizations Schedules for vaccine recommendations
For children (Birth - 6 years):
For adolescents (7-18 years):
Catch up schedule (Birth -18 years)

Do my children need any shots before the attend school or child care?

Required Immunizations for Child Care or Preschool
Required Immunizations for School

How much do immunizations cost? Children: There is no charge for routine recommended vaccines.
Where can I get a copy of my immunization record?

You can call to request a copy of your immunization record for any shots given at the health department or the Washington State Immunization registry at 1800 325 5599. For vaccines given elsewhere, contact the health care provider that gave the vaccines. Many health care practices including the Whatcom County Health Department participate in the Washington State Immunization Registry. The Registry, however, may not show all vaccines given.

Where can I get more information about vaccines?
  • Contact your health care provider
  • Call the Health Department


Contact Information:

Immunization Program
1500 North State Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Telephone: (360) 676-4593


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