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Whatcom County Feeding Team

The Whatcom County Feeding Team provides interdisciplinary assessment and recommendations for children who:

  • Have problems with nutrition and/or growth due to medical or developmental problem(s)
  • Have delayed or abnormal feeding skills
  • Are showing poor growth (failure to thrive/FTT)

A physician’s referral is required for a Feeding Team evaluation.

Services are provided by an interdisciplinary team including a Registered Dietitian, an Occupational Therapist, and a Speech/Language Pathologist, and include:

  • Nutritional-growth assessment.
  • Oral-motor assessment, including a feeding observation
  • Parent education and assistance with access to services

Summary report and recommendations are provided to the parent or caretaker and to the primary health care provider and to other service providers with the consent of the child's legal guardian.

The Whatcom County Feeding Team is a cooperative project of the Whatcom County Health Department Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Peace Health Children’s Neurodevelopmental Program, the Whatcom Center for Early Learning, and the Whatcom Opportunity Council’s Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Program.

To make a referral for a Feeding Team evaluation, contact the Peace Health Children’s Neurodevelopmental Program at 360-788-6430 or    
Fax: 360-788-6562.

For additional information contact the CSHCN Program.


CSHCN Contact Information
Location: 1500 North State Street
Phone: (360) 676-6762 extension #32105