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All cases processed through the on-line program are subject to a $10.00 Administrative fee.

Electronic Mitigation Hearing

If this box is checked, you have admitted to committing the violation(s), but would like to be considered for a reduction in fines.  During this process, you may comment on your side of the story.  You understand that this ticket will go on your driving record if “TRAFFIC” is indicated on the front of the ticket.

Those violations requiring physical submission of documents (i.e. proof of insurance, vehicle registration, valid driver's licence, etc.) in order to dispute the initial charge MAY NOT be processed through the electronic mitigation process. If you previously failed to appear for a scheduled hearing for this citation you are NOT ELIGIBLE to process this case electronically!

Electronic Deferred Finding

If this box is checked, you have requested, and the Court has agreed to Defer the entry of a Finding of COMMITTED in this case for a period of one year commencing the day the deferred finding is granted. You must pay the Administrative Fee which is $175.00 within 30 days. This infraction will be Dismissed at the end of the one-year period provided the Court is able to verify upon review that you have not committed any traffic infractions or criminal traffic offenses during that period. If any such offenses are pending at the end of one year, then the Court will delay the review until those matters have been resolved. If you have committed any such offenses, or if you have not paid the Administrative Fee within 30 days, the Court will find this Infraction COMMITTED without further notice, will impose the entire original penalty stated on the Notice of Infraction, and you will still owe the original administrative fee. If you fail to pay, the Court will assess an additional penalty and the Department of Licensing may suspend your driving privileges. Any Administrative Fee that you have paid is non-refundable and will not be applied as a credit towards the penalty imposed by the Court. You also waive your right to a speedy hearing, including your right under IRLJ 2.6. You are allowed only one Deferral of a Traffic Infraction and one Deferral of a Non-Traffic Infraction in a seven-year period.