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Why Should I Prepare?

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Shelter in Place - Part 3

What to Do if You are Not at Home

If you are not at home and a hazardous chemical emergency should occur, follow the same steps that are appropriate to take Shelter in Place.  Follow them at your office, a shopping mall, or at a school.

Even if you are in your car, just make sure you have all outside vents, windows and doors closed when you Shelter in Place in your vehicle.  Never attempt to drive through a gas cloud.  Turn on your radio and listen to further instructions.

If you are outside when you detect an emergency, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or cloth.  Remember that the chemical is moving with the wind.  Don't walk into it or with it. You should move crosswind with the wind at your side.  Find shelter as soon as possible.  Go inside. Stay inside.  And follow the Shelter in Place procedure.

Whether it's a fire, an earthquake or hazardous chemical emergencies, contact your Whatcom County Division of Emergency Management at (360) 676-6681.