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Shelter in Place - Part 2

Learn How to Take Action
for Your Family

So far you've received information to help you prepare for hazardous chemical emergency.  Now let's turn our attention to what to do in the remote chance such an emergency happens in your neighborhood.

First, take action:

  • Immediately go inside. 
  • Shut off heaters and air conditioners. 
  • Close all fireplace dampers.  You do not want the outside air to be pulled into your house. 

Shelter in Place:  Go to the area you've chosen as your Shelter in Place.

  • Close all doors, windows, vents and any other openings to the outside. 
  • Insure that all the openings are sealed air tight with duct tape or wet towels.
  • If you think chemicals are still leaking into your home, cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth or towel. 
  • Tune into your local news radio or local TV station to learn more about the emergency.  Do not leave unless you are asked to do so.

Stay off the phone:  During any emergency it is important to stay off the phone.  Do not tie up regular or cellular phone lines needed by the fire, police or sheriff department .

Only call 911 if there is an injury or other immediate emergency.  Do not call 911 for information on the status of the emergency.

Listen to Radio or TV:  The best thing you can do is stay put and listen to the radio and TV as the spill or release is monitored by local officials. 

If an evacuation is necessary, in most cases your local fire department or law enforcement agency will contact you with complete instructions on what to do.  When the emergency is over, the fire department will issue an "all clear".  At that time you can open windows and doors to let in fresh air and move your family outside.

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